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🎉🌟 We are thrilled and honored to announce that AJ's Grayton Beach has been recognized as one of the top dive bars in the South! 🌟🎉

Southern Living recently revealed its esteemed list of the South's Best 2024 award recipients, and we are proud to be part of this prestigious selection. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and passion of our team in providing a unique and memorable experience to our valued customers.

AJ's Grayton Beach offers its own slice of charm and hospitality. With our picturesque beachside setting, delicious drinks, and lively atmosphere, we continue to be a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike.

We also want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to The Red Bar for also making the list! We are definitely representing our area with pride and excellence.

We extend our gratitude to all our supporters and patrons who have made this recognition possible. Your ongoing love and enthusiasm inspire us to keep bringing you the best of what we have to offer. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for celebrating this exciting milestone with us! 🍹🏖️



The state of Alabama has purchased the Orange Beach Express toll bridge from American Roads LLC for a price of $60M.Employees were notified Thursday morning.T


You can have paradise in the palm of your hand! #30


Enjoy the ultimate golf experience with access to the Club's two private championship courses, Shark's Tooth and Camp Creek Golf Course.

Designed by notable course designers Greg Norman and Tom Fazio, respectively, each course offers a unique challenge and promises a day of enjoyable play with exceptional service.


PACE, Fla. -- The Woodbine Road widening project in Pace is finally getting underway, after years of planning and preparation.Construction begins monday, april


NOT A FLASHBACK!!! Some Things Haven't Changed in South Florida and This Is One Of Them!!! Who Else LOVES the ELBO ROOM at Las Olas Blvd and the Beach in Fort Lauderdale?!? Still Going STRONG!!! 🔥💯💝😍❤️🤔💖


Pull up a chair, soak up the sun, and savor amazing food at GALLION'S ☀️🍽️


A community that seems to have been overlooked by time, Inlet Beach is a place where true relaxation can be found. It features some of the best shops, restaurants, and Gulf access in South Walton. https://www.30aescapes.com/inlet-beach-rentals

Changes to the Graffiti Bridge.

Changes to the Graffiti Bridge.

We’d like to formally announce the new painting restrictions on the Graffiti Bridge. From here on out, freely painting on the Graffiti Bridge will no longer be allowed, and a strict protocol must be followed. Here are the rules for locals and visitors wanting to paint the bridge ⬇️

👉 All art must be approved by the new Graffiti Bridge Board of Directors. Artists must present their proposed art in front of the board and do an interpretive dance that best reflects the message of the art. Music is required for the dance. The board wants drama.

👉 Once approved by the board, the artist must paint on the bridge on a designated date between the times of 9:47 and 9:52 a.m. That’s 5 minutes. 5 minutes to really show ‘em how it’s done.

👉 Spray paint is now prohibited. Artists must complete their art by only finger painting. Additionally, the only colors allowed are red, yellow, and blue. Mix them if you must. (Red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green, and so on… think back to your kindergarten days.)

👉 Any attempts to graffiti the bridge without prior approval will result in an impromptu finger painting class with the new security guards.

We know this may come as a surprise, but if you've read this far, happy April Fool's Day. Paint on, Pensacola!


Pensacola is putting the Florida panhandle on the map — with 40 miles of sugar-sand beaches, rich history and culture, and Blue Angels air shows twice a year.

Blue Angels tomorrow, and every Sunday? at 6:15 pm.

Blue Angels tomorrow, and every Sunday? at 6:15 pm.

Oooooooo IT’S SUNDAY and you know what that means!!!

Blues Beach Buzz at, around, or near 6:15pm SO GET OUT HERE!

Bert’s big arrival will likely be 25-30minutes after our 💙💛 best friends fly by!


Yes, that really is the Blue Angels buzzing right over the parking lot. I hope that everyone raised in this area realizes how absolutely unique and cool this is. As a former outsider, I marvel at the little things that add up to big things about the people and way of life here. All to the plus side as far as I am concerned.

So wait a munite....we have spring break on top of St. Paddy's Day celebrations all weekend? OMG. I guess if you live he...

So wait a munite....we have spring break on top of St. Paddy's Day celebrations all weekend? OMG. I guess if you live here and your "job" relies on meeting people and having fun, this is a pretty good gig.

Today in Panama City Beach… spring break crowds are growing. Photo from Tonya Burney


Feeling nibblish...


A class during the Great Depression, 1930.


10 Portofino Drive
Pensacola Beach, FL


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